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Our story

Kyritsis Constructions

Since 1992

Since 1992

In the Future of Construction

Starting in 1992, Apostolos Kyritsis laid the foundations for a business that would evolve into a recognized player in the construction industry. With 31 years of continuous upward trajectory, our company has established quality and innovation as its main points of reference.

International Presence and Dynamics

Extending our presence beyond the borders of Greece, we have gained significant market share in Bulgaria and Romania. With the right infrastructure, we are ready to take on challenges in other countries, offering solutions in every corner of the world.

Services for Individuals: Construction, Renovation, and Beyond

We offer complete construction and renovation services, project management, and technical consulting services. Our approach focuses on adaptability and precision, ensuring that each project meets the requirements and desires of our clients.

Our Advantages:
Quality, Personal Contact, Innovation


/ Personal

The company's management maintains personal contact with each employee and project.


/ Study

An in-house department that supports construction work, saving resources and time.


/ Flexibility and adaptability

The ability to adapt quickly to changes and specification adjustments.


/ Innovation and environment

Monitoring and adaptation to technological and environmental developments.


/ Financial

A financially sound business with zero debt and zero obligations to third parties.

Are you looking for construction advice?

Discover the quality and innovation of our services. Whether you are interested in construction, renovation or are in need of technical consultancy, our team will guide you every step of the way. Our expertise will bring you closer to turn your dream into reality.

Let's talk about how we can help your next project succeed. Contact us today.