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Our technical company, recognizing the importance of effective and professional implementation of technical projects, specializes in providing comprehensive Project Management services. With a dynamic team of specialized engineers and experts in all fields, the company undertakes the reliable organization and execution of each project, guaranteeing technical excellence, safety, and economic efficiency.

Our services include:

  1. Site and Project Organization: Creating an efficient and functional workspace, designing every detail of the construction process.
  2. Personnel Selection and Evaluation: Collaborating with specialized professionals to ensure high-quality work.
  3. Time Scheduling: Developing precise schedules for the timely and efficient delivery of the project.
  4. Budget Control: Providing detailed control and management of the project’s financial resources to avoid overruns.
  5. Measurement and Quantity Survey: Ensuring accuracy and reliability in measurements and estimates.
  6. Market Research Support: Conducting research for material procurement, contractor selection, and evaluation.
  7. Contract Drafting and Management: Handling all legal and contractual requirements, from material procurement to safety issues.
  8. Financial Management: closely monitoring cash flows and resources to ensure the project’s financial stability.
  9. Quality and Quantity Control: Ensuring that the project meets quality and quantity standards.
  10. Value Engineering: Applying techniques to improve construction methods, optimize time, and reduce costs.
  11. Certification and Account Monitoring: Overseeing all certifications and accounts related to the project.
  12. Correspondence and Communication Management: Ensuring effective communication among all involved parties.
  13. Issue Resolution and Crisis Management: Addressing any problems that arise during construction, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.


What are the benefits for you?

By entrusting your project to our company, you ensure:

  • Time Savings: With efficient project management and coordination, we guarantee the fastest and most efficient completion.
  • Cost Savings: Our experience and expertise in the construction industry reduce costs, preventing unnecessary expenses and unforeseen deviations.
  • Technical Excellence: Our team ensures high quality and technical validity, strictly following safety and quality standards.
  • Timely Completion: With continuous control and scheduling, we ensure that your project will be completed within the predetermined time.

Are you in need of project management services?

Contact us and find out how we can turn your construction project into a successful and profitable investment.